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    Atmospheric pollution by bismuth, antimony and lead since the Bronze Age in Central European lake cores dated by 210Pb and 14C
    Earthquakes in the Czech Republic since 2000
    Evropská vědecká konference "The Ecological Setting of Europe - From the Past to the Future : The Establishment of Plant and Animal Communities in Europe since the Last Glaciation"
    Examples of great cross-border floods in the Odra River basin since the 14th century and their impacts
    The history of metal pollution recorded in the sediments of Bohemian Forest lakes: Since the Bronze Age to the present
    How much acidification has occurred in Prášilské lake since preindustrial times?
    The influence of climate on the České středohoří Mts. slope deformations - data analysis since the 18th Century
    The Influence of Climate on the České Středohoří Mts. Slope Deformations - Data Analysis since the 18th Century
    Limits of global change of the cosmological environment since the origin of the Earth
    Palaeomagnetism, Palaeogeography and Tectonics of the Western Carpathians Since the Permian
    Paleo-stress field and tectonic evolution of the Vienna basin and adjacent areas since the Oligocene
    Reference for ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism and tectonics since 1984
    Relations between the solar inertial motion, solar activity and geomagnetic index aa since the year 1844
    Sedimentary evidence of landscape and climate history since the end of MIS 3 in the Krkonoše Mountains, Czech Republic
    Sixty years since the fundamental work of J.E. Hibsch: Tectonic and volcanic development of the Ohře (Eger) rift
    Spatial analysis of damage caused by strong winds and gales in the Czech lands since ad 1500
    Trends in water chemistry of acidified Bohemian lakes since 1984
    Volcanic activity since 1600 in possible relation to solar inertial motion
    Works and significance of Georgius Agricola - 450 years since the death of this Saxonian scientist
    World plate tectonics since the Cambrian