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    C and N stable isotopes in a set of 17 skeletons from the Vedrovice cemetery
    Carbon, nitrogen and strontium isotopes in the set of skeletons from the neolithic settlement at Vedrovice (Czech Republic)
    Changes of carbonate coral skeletons in deep burial and slight metamorphic conditions: eastern part of the Variscan Orogen in Europe
    Image analysis of thin sections: Implication for calcite fabric of diagenetically changed coral skeletons
    Stable isotope composition of Bryozoan skeletons from podbřežice (Middle Miocene, Central paratethys, South Moravia, Czech Republic)
    Stable Isotope Composition of Bryozoan Skeletons from Podbřežice (Middle Miocene, Central Paratethys, South Moravia, Czech Republic).
    Transition elements in tabulate coral skeletons : seawater vs. sediment
    Transition elements in tabulate coral skeletons: seawater vs. sediment