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    Airborne geophysical survey in southwest Bohemia (Šumava Mts.piedmont) and its interpretation
    Analysis of the longitudinal profiles of selected rivers in the Šumava Mts., Southwest Bohemia
    Anthropogenic and lithogenic sources of lead in Lower Silesia (Southwest Poland): An isotope study of soils, basement rocks and anthropogenic materials
    Clay minerals in soil formed on limestones in the Southwest part of Prague, Czech Republic
    Comparisons between the Cretaceous and Tertiary floras of Central and Southwest Europe: a commentary
    Deep geomagnetic sounding in southwest Bohemia
    Deep geomagnetic studies in Southwest Bohemia
    Environmental impacts of mining of Ni-Mo black shale hosted deposits (Zunyi region, Guizhou province, southwest China): An example of the study of potentially toxic elements in rocks, soils and crop plan
    A further oncocerid nautiloid from the Upper Silurian of Southwest Sardinia
    Geomorphological hazards on stratovolcanoes in Southwest Asia
    Identification of early Llandovery (Silurian) anoxic palaeo-depressions at the western margin of the Murzuq Basin (southwest Libya), based on gamma-ray spectrometry in surface exposures
    Magnetotelluric and magnetovariational measurements in southwest Bohemia, data presentation and modelling results
    Travel times of seismic wawes propagating from the southwest and south-southeast to the seismic station Železná Studnička