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    Chemically modified Carbon paste electrodes suitable for Hg(II) voltammetric determination
    Identification of floodplain elements suitable for use in integrated flood protection using hydromorphological mapping. Case study: upper Opava River basin (Czech Republic)
    Non-traditional raw material - calcareous marl with liower calcite content suitable for belitic clinker production
    Properties of alkali activated materials suitable for normalized tests
    Rat microsomes activating the anticancer drug ellipticine to species covalently binding to deoxyguanosine in DNA are a suitable model mimicking ellipticine bioactivation in humans
    Richness of ancient forest plant species indicates suitable habitats for macrofungi
    Selected non-destructive methods suitable for building use evaluation of roofing slate
    Selected Non-Destructive Methods Suitable for Evaluation of Roofing Slate