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    Chemical composition of the sulphides accompanying coal measures in the Kladno coal district, Central Bohemia
    Mineralogy and geochemistry od submarine massive sulphides from the East Pacific Rise area
    Origin of sulphides in volcano-sedimentary complex of the Bohemian Upper Proterozoic
    Stable isotope study of sulphides and carbonates from the upper proterozoic rock of the Barrandian area (western Bohemia)
    The strontium and sulphur isotopic composition of sulphates and sulphides from the Fe-Cu-Pb-Zn-(Ba) stratabound mineralisations of the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic)
    Sulphur isotopic characteristics of sulphides from the West Bohemian Proterozoic and from the varied group of Moldanubicum
    Supergene alteration of sulphides. I, An electrochemical model
    Trace metals, nitrogen and carbon distribution in Mo-S-C phases, pyrite and Ni-Fe sulphides (Mo-Ni-rich lower Cambrian black shales, South China)