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    Map Application Borehole Surveys
    Web map service for the Map of Borehole Surveys
    Annual meeting of the FOREGS (Forum of European Geological Surveys)
    Comment on the seismic method Depth-Recursive Tomography on Grid (DRTG) developed by Miroslav Novotný and recently published in three papers in Surveys in Geophysics
    Compilation of the Central and Northern European aeromagnetic surveys: methods, difficulties, and results
    Corrections for time variations of gravity in microgravity surveys
    Discovery of the first Quaternary maar in the Bohemian Massif, Central Europe, based on combined geophysical and geological surveys
    Environmental activities of the State Geological Surveys
    Geological map Lausitz-Jizera-Karkonosze and Muskau Arch Geopark as examples of cross-border cooperation of the national geological surveys of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany
    Importance of borehole deviation surveys for monitoring of hydraulic fracturing treatments
    Long-term forest soil acidification, nutrient leaching and vegetation development: Linking modelling and surveys of a primeval spruce forest in the Ukrainian Transcarpathian Mts
    Microgravimetric surveys applied to location and monitoring of anomalous geoengineering phenomena
    On the quantitative determination of coal seam thickness by means of In-Seam Seismic Surveys
    A review of surveys of indoor radon measurements in Czechoslovakia
    Subsurface structure of the volcanic centre of the České středohoří mountains, North Bohemia, determined by geophysical surveys
    Subsurface structure of the volcanic centre of the České Středohoří Mountains, North Bohemia, determined by geophysical surveys
    Time scheduling of magnetic surveys in mid-latitudes with respect to forecasting geomagnetic activity
    Well logging methods in groundwater surveys of complicated aquifer systems: Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    Workshop: State Geological Surveys and Education. Budapest, September 1994
    Surveys in Geophysics