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    8th International Conference on Geomorphology. Geomorphology and sustainability. Abstracts volume
    Hazard 2004. India. Tenth International Symposium on Natural and Human Induced Hazards and Third Workshop of the IUGG Commission on Geophysical Risk and Sustainability. Abstracts
    Regional prosperity and sustainability
    XXXVIII IAH Congress, Groundwater Quality Sustainability
    The 3rd Moravian geographical conference CONGEO ď99: regional prosperity and sustainability, Slavkov u Brna, Sptember /6-10./ 1999
    "Geomorphology and Sustainability" of the 17th Joint International Geomorphology Conference (17-20 August 2004) in Glasgow, UK
    Geopark as an agent of tourism sustainability
    Level of sustainability in Moravian small towns
    Regional prosperity and sustainability
    Selected socioeconomic factors affecting landscape structure: analysis, consequences, sustainability (Vrchlabí and Vimperk regions)
    Theoretical background to sustainability issues in small towns