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    Test Area for Seismic Hazard Assessment in the Caucasus
    Alkali-silica reaction products: comparison between samples from concrete structures and laboratory test specimens
    Characterization of the Interphase in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composite by a Modulus Mapping Test
    Chondrule Magnetic Test of Avanhandava H4 Chondrite
    Control volume method for the thermal convection problem in a rotating spherical shell: test on the benchmark solution
    Designs and test results for three new rotational sensors
    Detailed study of the natural attenuation forecast test site by well logging
    Detailed study of the natural groundwater flow at the natural attenuation forecast test site by well logging
    Determining a 1-D velocity model of the uppermost crust from P and S arrival times using the neighbourhood algorithm: synthetic test
    Dynamics of anthropogenic ferrimagnetics (fly-ashes) in soils - experiments on test fields
    Early Oligocene floras and paleogeography of Central and Southeastern Europe: a test for a new tectonic reconstruction
    Earthquake Hazard Assessment for Two ASPELEA Test Sites: The Corinthos Gulf (Central Greece) and Kresna Region (SW Bulgaria)
    Gas Permeability Changes in the Rock Specimen during the Triaxial Compression Test
    Geochemical, mineralogical and hydrogeological study of natural attenuation processes at the test site Hnevice
    Geologie Evropy bez hranic - skutečný test proveditelnosti INSPIRE
    Geotechnical survey in Gabčíkovo dam (Dynamic penetration test - left lock chamber in Gabčíkovo)
    The IASPEI/GSHAP Crimea-Caucasus-Copet Dag Test Area
    Identification of alkali-silica reactive fragments in sands and gravels, using the mortar bar method and gel pat test, modified by petrographic image analysis
    Indoor radon probability calculated from the Czech soil gas radon data in a grid net for the European Geogenic Radon Map construction: test of feasibility
    Large-hole blasting test in the Jakubčovice nad Odrou guarry
    Measured versus simulated transients of temperature logs - a test of borehole climatology
    Minimální počet měřených ukazatelů konečné deformace pro výpočet deformační elipticity (empirický test)
    Morphometric analysis of a Globigerina test: Elliptic Fourier and Rotaional Fit methods comparison
    OneGeology-Europe, test interoperability v geologii
    A pragmatic test of the early origin and fixation of gamma-ray spectrometric (U, Th) and magneto-susceptibility patterns (Fe) related to sedimentary cycle boundaries in pure platform limestones
    Seismic Hazard Assessment for the Caucasus Test Area
    Seismic hazard assessment for the Caucasus test area
    Soil gas radon concentration and permeability at "Valle della Caffarella" test site (Roma, Italy). Evaluation of gas sampling techniques and radon measurements using different approaches
    Study and Computer Modelling of Stress corrosion cracking during DET test
    Test of a mobile digital seismoacoustic equipment PATE in the environment of the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Field
    Test pojmu "krajina" postavením mimo vnímání člověka a užitím v geologickém čase
    To the methodology of the tracing test and evaluation of results
    Utilization of abrasive water jet for shaping of test specimens from geomaterials
    Variegated beds from Blatnička in the Bílé Karpaty Unit: Results from the test trenches
    Variegated beds from Blatnička in the Bílé Karpaty Unit: Results from the test trenches