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    Calcareous dinoflagellate cysts biostratigraphy in Upper Kimmeridgian-Lower Tithonian pelagic limestones of Marches Apennines (Central Italy)
    Chitinoidella insueta n. sp. (Protozoa incertae sedis) from the Tithonian of southern Moravia
    Corals from the Tithonian carbonate complex in the DąbrowaTarnowska-Szczucin area (Polish Carpathian Foreland)
    Early Tithonian serpulid-dominated cavity-dwelling fauna, and the recruitment pattern of the serpulid larvae
    Early Tithonian serpulid-dominated cavity-dwelling fauna and the recruitment pattern of the serpulid larvae
    Epifauna cemented to corals and bivalves from the Tithonian of Štramberk (Czechoslovakia
    First record of paguroid anomurans (Crustacea) from the Tithonian - lower Berriasian of Štramberk, Moravia (Czech Republic)
    Late Toarcian-Early Tithonian (Mid-Late Jurassic) Megasequence AP7
    Lithological and biological indicators of orbital changes in Tithonian and Lower Cretaceous sequences, Western Carpathians, Slovakia
    Microproblematics from the Tithonian Limestones of the Štramberk Formation (Chitinoidella Zone)
    New species of Longodromitidae Schweitzer and Feldmann, 2009, from the Ernstbrunn Formation, Late Jurassic (Tithonian), Austria
    Palaeobiogeography of Tethyan ammonites during the Tithonian (latest Jurassic)
    Tithonian carbonate platform and reef complex - a distinction