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    Expansive soils. Recent advances in characterization and treatment
    Aluminum bentonite - an effective agent for treatment of wastewaters polluted with acrylate dispersions
    The application of high-gradient magnetic separation to water treatment by means of chemically precipitated magnetite
    Biogeochemical processes during the treatment of acid mine drainage: The Kentucky wetland project
    Biomechanics of Flecture Contractures Treatment
    Chemical changes in mesophase pitch by heat treatment
    Classical treatment of line profiles influenced by strain, small size, and stacking faults
    Concentration of radon in water and air in treatment plants
    Conservation of Microporous Structure of Coal in the Course of Carbonization and its Transition into Products of Heat Treatment
    Crystallochemical effects of heat treatment on Fe-dominant tourmalines from Dolní Bory (Czech Republic) and Vlachovo (Slovakia)
    Design for a filler of an intervertebral cage for spine treatment on the basis of fibers and particulate composites
    Dissipation-based treatment of non-steady grain coarsening
    Effect of lime treatment on pore size and permeability
    The effect of the thermal treatment of the matrix on its mechanical properties with composites on the basis of glass fibres and siloxane matrix
    The effect of thermal treatment of unidirectionally reinforced carbon-carbon composites on their fatigue behavior
    Enrichment of radon-222 in water during groundwater treatment processes
    An expanded non-Arrhenian model for silicate melt viscosity : a treatment for metaluminous, peraluminous and peralkaline liquids
    A general scheme of treatment of black shale samples and some results of X-ray analyses of oriented rock silices
    Geoaerosols - what do we know about them and their possible effect on speleotherapeutical treatment
    Heat treatment of carbon fibers and its influence on mechanical properties of C-C composites
    Heat treatment of carbon fibres and its influence on mechanical properties of C-C composites
    The influence of a secondary heat treatment on mechanical and oxidation properties of unidirectional carbon/carbon and carbon/furfural-siloxane composites
    Influence of high temperature treatment on microstructure features of carbon-carbon composites: a transmission electron microscope study
    Influence of the thermal treatment on mechanical and fracture properties of unidirectional C/C fiber composites
    Investigation of potential application of humate - clay complex to the treatment of industrial waste waters
    Investigation of sequential chemical extraction of arsenic from sediments: variations in sample treatment and extractant
    Mössbauer Study of Transformation of Fe Cations during Thermal Treatment of Glauconite in Air
    On the fractionation of natural organic matter during water treatment
    Ornamental stone surface treatment by pulsating water jets
    Oxidation/reduction of iron in iron rich tourmaline from pegmatites as a response to high temperature treatment
    Posibilities for reduction of radon content by non-aerating water treatment technologies
    Possibilities of radon-222 removal in groundwater treatment for drinking purposes
    Results after six years of clean precipitation treatment at the Gardsjön Covered Catchment Experiment - good news or bad news?
    A Simple Contactless Conductivity Detector Employing a Medium Wave Radio Integrated Circuit for the Signal Treatment.
    Structural characterization of coal humates from Bílina and Březová and their prospect in wastewater treatment
    Studies on change in void structures in ceramic impregnated CFRC with heat treatment using Image Analysis
    Studies on the influence of secondary heat treatment on structure and properties of unidirectional carbon/carbon and carbon/furfural-siloxane composites
    The treatment of the geochemical data from the Mariánské Lázně complex (W.Bohemia)
    Treatment of waste plastics with coal
    Use of caustobioliths for preparation of carbon materials and waste treatment
    Use of caustobioliths for preparation of carbon materials and waste treatment
    Utilization of Ferrites for Water Treatment
    Water jets in dimension stone cutting and surface treatment