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    The Črmel basin: sedimentary record of Variscan compression and Early Alpine extension between the Gemericum and the Veporicum terranes (Western Carpathians)
    Illite-paragonite layer intergrowths from the Gemericum Nappe in the NE part of the Čierna Hora Mts. Veporicum (Western Carpathians)
    Metamorphic evolution of the Veporicum (contribution to possible correlation with the Eastern Alps)
    Petrogenetic relationship between deformation and alteration on the example of the extension tectonics of the Veporicum crystalline basement (Central Western Carpathians)
    Pohorelá transpression zone (North Veporicum, the West Carpathians)
    Present knowledge of tectogenesis of Veporicum (West Carpathians)
    Rb-Sr geochronology of leucocratic granitoid rocks from the Spišskogemerské rudohorie Mts. and Veporicum
    Results of paleomagnetic research in the nw zone on the veporicum (west Carpathians, Geotraverse C)