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    Chaos in thermal convection and the wavelet analysis of geophysical fields
    Applicability of the wavelet theory for seismological Signals
    Application of Wavelet Analysis to the Automatic Classification of Three-Component Seismic Records
    Compression of earthquake records using wavelet transform
    Compression of earthquake records using wavelet transform
    Description of Seismic Events Using Wavelet Transform
    Description of seismic events using wavelet transform
    Discrete wavelet transform analysis of digital records of seismic signals
    Discrete Wavelet Transform and Seismological Signals
    Discrete wavelet transform and seismological signals
    Multiresolution tectonic features over the Earth inferred from a wavelet transformed geoid
    Processing of seismological Signals using wavelet transform
    Singulární rozklad wavelet paketů seizmických signálů
    The Use of Discrete Wavelet Transform for Seismological Signals Induced by Mining
    Use of wavelet transform for processing of mining induced seismic events
    Wavelet analysis of archaeomagnetic data over the last 4,000 years
    The Wavelet based analysis of seismic signals and not only of them
    Wavelet Transform: Presentation of Time-Frequency Decomposition for a Mining Induced Seismic Event