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    Early Carboniferous Rb - Sr mica - whole rock ages of phases of medium- and low-pressure metamorphism in the Saxothuringian zone, western Bohemia
    Early Miocene records of Craigia (Malvaceae s.l.) in the Most Basin, North Bohemia - whole plant approach
    Paratingia wudensis sp. nov., a whole noeggerathialean plant preserved in an earliest Permian air fall tuff in Inner Mongolia, China
    Proposal of naming "whole plants"
    Tertiary conifers: whole plant reconstruction and naming
    Whole rock geochemistry and detrital mode analysis of sandstones from the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif (Moravo-Silesian Zone, Czech Republic)
    Whole rock geochemistry and petrogenesis of granites from the northern part of the Moldanubian Batholith (Czech Republic)
    Zircon typology, geochronology and whole rock Sr-Nd isotope systematics of the Mecsek Mountain granitoids in the Tisia Terrane (Hungary)