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    Analysis of charred angiosperm woods from the Cenomanian of the Czech Republic
    Cubitostrea Sarumensis (Woods, 1913), new species of fossil oyster in the Cretaceous of Bohemia
    Microscopic and chemical investigation of woods from fluvial sediments of the Labe River
    Novelties on the Czech tertiary angiosperm wood focusing on the systematics affinity of ,Platanus-like' woods
    Oligocene angiosperm woods from northwestern Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Silicified Miocene woods from the North Bohemian Basin (Czech Republic) and from Kuzuluk, district Adapazari (Turkey)
    Spectroscopic study of degraded woods from the Elbe River Valley
    The Woods from the Fluvial Sediments of the River Elbe