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    Acidobazické reakce výluhů půd na vybraných lokalitách Moravského krasu
    Adsorption of copper and cadmium from aqueous solution by various types of sediments under static and dynamic conditions
    Antimony mobility in lead-smelter polluted soils
    Calibration of an advanced soil constitutive model for use in probabilistic numerical analysis.
    Concentration of CO2 in soils and caves of the Moravian karst (Czech Republic)
    Correlation of soil and cave concentrations of cabon dioxide
    Differences in antimony and arsenic releases from lead smelter fly ash in soils
    Differentiation of Czech wines using multielemental composition - A comparison with vineyard soil
    Dlouhodobá stabilita svahu se zatopenou patou
    Effect of application of phosphate and organic manure-based fertilizers on arsenic transformation in soil columns
    Effect of Low Concentrations of Phosphate Ions on Extraction of Arsenic from Naturally Contaminated Soil
    Effect of low-molecular-weight organic acids on the leaching of thallium and accompanying cations from soil - A model rhizosphere solution approach
    ICP-MS measurements of lead isotopic ratios in soils heavily contaminated by lead smelting: tracing the sources of pollution
    Komplexní charakteristika referenčních vzorků půd, dnových sedimentů a slabě zpevněných pískovců.
    Lead isotopes in environmental sciences: A review
    Mineralogy, petrography and geochemistry of sediments used in pollutant sorption experiments
    Natural corrosion of old potash glass coloured with uranium compounds
    Spatial variability of soil parameters in an analysis of a strip footing using hypoplastic model
    Thallium dynamics in contrasting light sandy soils-Soil vulnerability assessment to anthropogenic contamination
    Výskyt selenu v podzemní vodě v povodí Suchomastského potoka