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    Termická analýza a její aplikace v geologii
    3D Modeling of an NATM Tunnel in High K0 Clay Using Two Different Constitutive Models
    Anizotropie tuhosti jílů v oboru velmi malých přetvoření
    Comparison of predictive capabilities of selected elasto-plastic and hypoplastic models for structured clays
    An evaluation of constitutive models to predict the behaviour of fine-grained soils with different degrees of overconsolidation
    Gravity effects of deformation zones induced by tunneling in soft and stiff clays
    Hypoplastic Cam-clay model
    A hypoplastic constitutive model for clays with meta-stable structure
    Search for clay alternatives to bentonites used as a backfill in radioactive waste repository ? mineralogical approach
    Tertiary montmorillonitic clays from the Cheb basin (Czech Republic): alternative backfill material in the nuclear waste disposal