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    Belemnites of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin in a global context
    Comptonia naumannii (Myricaceae) from the early Miocene of Weichang, China, and the palaeobiogeographical implication of the genus
    Goniocamax christenseni n. sp. (Belemnitida, Belemnitellidae) - a new belemnite from Upper Cretaceous of Russia
    A jawed polychaete fauna from the late Ludlow Kozlowskii event interval in the Prague Basin (Czech Republic)
    Lower Turonian record of belemnite Praeactinocamax from NW Siberia and its palaeogeographic significance.
    New post-Cambrian trilobite associations of the Mongolia
    Occurrence of the Late Cretaceous belemnite Belemnitella in the Arabian Plate (Hakkari, SE Turkey) and its palaeogeographic significance
    Ordovician trilobite genus Hungioides Kobayashi, 1936