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    Estimation of Biologically Related Groups of Individuals at the Mikulčice-Kostelisko Burial Site on the Basis of Morphological Similarities, Topography of the Burial Site and Archaeological Data.
    Dobisíková, Miluše
    Poláček, Lumír
    Velemínský, Petr
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    část monografie (kapitola)
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    Studien zum Burgwall von Mikulčice VIII. Anthropological and epidemiological characterization of Great-Moravian population in connection with the social and economic structure.
    Počet výtisků: 500
Výraz tezauru
    Early Medieval period
    Great Moravian population
    morphological similarities
    non-metric traits
    socio-economic status
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   The goal of this paper was to verify, whether the incidence of non-metric traits at the Mikulčice-Kostelisko burial site differs in individuals with rich and poor grave equipment i.e. whether it differs between two, socially quite probably dissimilar groups. We then compared the morphological similarity of individuals in relation to the topography of the burial site. Comparison of the smaller group of individuals from graves with rich equipment defined according to Hrubý's criteria yielded more favourable results, as it showed statistically significant differences in the incidence of several traits.
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    8. 8. 2012