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    "An endocochleate experiment" in the Silurian straight-shelled cephalopod Sphooceras
    Manda, Štěpán
    Turek, Vojtěch
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    článek v periodiku
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    Bulletin of Geosciences
    Roč. 87, č. 4
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    Cephalopoda, Angusteradulata, Silurian, shell truncation, colour pattern, mantle extension, internal shell, embryonic shell
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   Sphooceras truncatum (Barrande, 1860), a Silurian straight-shelled cephalopod with a short finger-shaped shell, is one of a few cephalopods in which natural truncation of the apical part of the phragmocone from the rest of the conch is confirmed. Periodic natural removal of the apical part of the shell (4 to 5 phragmocone chambers) preceded formation of a terminal callus and a calcareous plug closing the septal foramen. The apical callus probably originated by fusion of the truncation septum with episeptal deposits. These structures temporarily formed the new apex on which two additional calcareous layers had been secreted. A unique specimen preserves a colour pattern in the convex apical region, which proves that the shell in Sphooceras was temporarily completely surrounded by mantle extending from the body chamber, i.e. the cephalopod was at least temporarily endocochleate. The co-occurrence of different growth stages of S. truncatum together with one type of short juvenile orthocera
   cone shell, with a maximum of eight phragmocone chambers and a very small subglobular initial chamber indicates that these embryonic shells may belong to Sphooceras. Two other genera are discussed, both previously included in the family Sphooceratidae: Disjunctoceras Gnoli in Kiselev, 1992 and Andigenoceras Gnoli in Kiselev, 1992. The newly discovered thickening of the apex in "Disjunctoceras" disjunctum, the type species of Disjunctoceras, indicates that this species does not differ substantially from Sphooceras and should be reassigned to this genus. Similarly, representatives of Andigenoceras also possess characteristic features of Sphooceras. Sphooceras has many features characteristic for modern cephalopods: short, thin-walled, semi-internal shell; phragmocone reduced to only a few chambers; uncalcified connecting rings; apical callus (a structure analogous to the belemnite rostrum); retractor muscle scars situated dorsally; very small protoconch without cicatrix.
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    ČGS (RIV)
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    15. 10. 2014