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    The Importance of the Lessons Learnt from Past Disasters for Risk Assessment
    Angignard, M.
    Blahůt, Jan
    Garcia, C.
    Pasuto, A.
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    část monografie (kapitola)
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    Mountain Risks: From Prediction to Management and Governance
    S. 275-284
    Rozsah: 10 s. : P9413
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    environmental hazards
    lessons learnt
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   Within the Mountain Risk Project, the study area of the Consortium of Municipalities of Valtellina di Tirano (Italian Alps), has been selected in order to collect both kinds of knowledge, scientific and local, and to correlate it to the levels of preparedness and perceived risk of the population. A quantitative survey was performed using a comprehensive questionnaire to evaluate several aspects related to the response capacity. In the meantime available historical information about natural hazards (landslides and floods) and consequent disasters have been collected and organized in a comprehensive database designed with the aim of using such data for hazard estimation and definition of risk scenarios as a basis for Civil Protection planning and emergency management purposes.
    AV ČR Brno, Ústav struktury minerálů a hornin
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    24. 10. 2014