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    Abstracts to the 5th Biennial Meeting "New Trends in Geomagnetism" (Variant.)
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    Do cave sediments from the Spirálka Cave (Czech Republic) record environmental change?. Part 2
    European polar wandering path during the Hercynian episode
    High-fidelity magnetostratigraphy of Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary limestones at Brodno near Žilina, Western Carpathians
    Magnetic anisotropy and mean susceptibility of rocks from the main KTB borehole under inhomogeneous pressure conditions
    Petromagnetic and paleomagnetic investigations of the Early Cretaceous limestone beds from the Río Argos area, SE Spain
    Spheroidal vs. triaxial magnetic particles in ams to stratin relationship models: virtually no difference
    Unusual thermomagnetic behaviour of several natural hematites