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    Assessment of the BCR sequential extraction procedure for thallium fractionation using synthetic mineral mixtures
    Chrastný, Vladislav
    Drahota, Petr
    Grygar, Tomáš
    Komárek, Michael
    Tejnecký, Václav
    Vaněk, Aleš
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    článek v periodiku
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    Journal of Hazardous Materials
    Roč. 176, č. 1-3
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    Metal, Sequential extraction, Goethite, Ferrihydrite, Birnessite, Illite Article Outline
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   This work focused on the specific behavior of Tl-bearing phases in the BCR (Community Bureau of Reference) sequential extraction (SE) scheme, namely Tl-bearing ferrihydrite, goethite, birnessite, calcite, illite, sphalerite and feldspar in their simple model mixtures with quartz. Several significant discrepancies between the obtained and expected behaviors of these phases in the BCR SE were observed. The amount of Tl released as the exchangeable/acid-extractable fraction (55-82% of the total Tl content) showed a substantial H+-promoted dissolution of all Fe(III) and Mn(III, IV) oxides (corresponding to up to 61% of solid Fe dissolved) and incongruent (increased) extraction of Tl from ferrihydrite and goethite. Reductive conditions of the second SE step were insufficient to complete goethite dissolution with corresponding Tl amount retained in the solid phase. Similarly, insufficient oxidation of sphalerite and lower Tl recovery of the oxidisable fraction was identified.
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    ČGS (RIV)
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    15. 10. 2014