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    Concentration of CO2 in soils and caves of the Moravian karst (Czech Republic)
    Faimon, Jiří
    Schwarzová, Monika
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    článek v periodiku
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    Slovenský kras (Acta Carsologica Slovaca)
    Roč. 46, č. 2
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    Carbon dioxide
    Karst Process
    Moravian Karst
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   Carbon dioxide produced in soils is the main factor controlling the karst processes as limestone dissolution or speleothem growth. On selected sites of the north part of Moravian Karst, carbon dioxide was systematically monitored in (1) atmosphere of both tourist and closed caves and in (2) soil profiles above the caves during one-year-period. The CO2-concentrations in soil profiles and caves were seasonally dependent: they were high in Summer and low in Winter (near outdoor values). Soil CO2-concentrations were positively correlated with outdoors temperatures (R2 ~ 0.60+-0.12 on average) and negatively correlated with humidity (R2 ~ 0.34+-0.27). Only a little impact of vegetation type on soil CO2 production was recognized: (1) similar concentrations were found in all types of forests (deciduous, mixed, coniferous), however, (2) somewhat higher values were found in grass field and meadow. Cave CO2-concentrations were positively correlated with soil concentrations.
    MU Brno, Přírodovědecká fakulta
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    MU, PřF
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    8. 8. 2012