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    Confronting the texture and composition of the stones from upper and lower urinary tract
    Martinec, Petr
    Plasgura, P.
    Souček, Kamil
    Ščučka, Jiří
    Meeting of the EAU Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS : 2. : 05.08.2013-07.09.2013 : Kodaň, Dánsko)
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    European Urology Supplements
    Roč. 12, č. 3 (2013), s. 77-77
    Autoři celkem: 4
    Projekt: ED2.1.00/03.0082, GA MŠk3cav_un_auth*0280791
    Rozsah: 1 s. : E
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    analysis of the stone
    morphology and texture of the urinary stones
    Randall´s plaques
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   Morphology and texture of urinary stones is dependent on many factors. A common analysis of the stone, which has urologist available, often says nothing about its origin and growth. If we want the patient to recommend the right metaphylaxis, we obtain as much information about the composition and internal structure of the stone. In explaining the emergence and growth of stones in different parts of the urinary tract can effectively help micro-CT imaging and SEM microscopy with local analysis. The aim of our study was to: (1) compare the internal structure of stones of the upper and lower urinary tract above methods, (2) to compare the results of the analytical methods used.
    AV ČR Brno, Ústav geoniky
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    AV ČR, ÚG
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    24. 10. 2014