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    Crustal evolution and geodynamics processes in Central Europe (Variant.)
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    The Bavarian phase of the Variscan orogeny: Relations between migmatites and granites and potential causes for crustal melting
    Late Cretaceous Basin inversion at the northern border of the Bohemian Massif
    Late Paleozoic post-collisional magmatism and metal resource potential of the Erzgebirge-Krušné hory (NW rim of the Bohemian massif)
    Phanerozoic paleogeography of Central Europe
    The Tepla-Barrandian 'Elevator': A key element for reconstructing orogenic processes in the Variscan internides
    The thermal expansion and its role in the dynamics of the rock massives (Exaples from the Bohemian Massif)
    The two plate model of the Variscan orogeny - One plate boundary zone with many subduction zones
    Upper Cenomanian-Lower Turonian ammonoids from the Saxonian Cretaceous (lower Elbtal Group, Saxony, Germany)
    The Upper Cretaceous section at Schmilka in Saxony (Elbsandsteingebirge, Germany) - syntectonic sedimentation and inverted zircon age populations revealed by LA-ICP-MS U/Pb data
    Varieties of Eisgarn granite in the Plöckenstein area (South Bohemian Batholith) and their petrogenesis
    Variscan basement in Europe - travelling through time and space
    Variscan palaeosuture in the Tauern Window, Eastern Alps
    Variscan tectonics of allochthonous units of the Erzgebirge and the Vogtland (Saxo-Thuringian Zone): An E-W profile from the gneiss dome of Reitzenhain to the Berga antiform
    The Variscan Terrane Wreck and its implications for Pangea
    Volcaniclastic rocks of the Upper Silesian Basin (Czech Rpublic and Poland): State of the art