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    Evolution of fractionated granite magma in a multiple-opened system: Example from the Podlesí granite stock, Czech Republic
    Breiter, Karel
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    Granitic system - State of the Art and Future Avenues
    Akce: 2003 ; Helsinki
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    Granite, Breccia, UST, Magmatic layering, Feldspars, Quartz,
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   The Podlesí granite stock is an fractionated, peraluminous, F-, Li- and P-rich rare-metal granite system. Its magmatic evolution combined features typical for intrusions related to porphyry type deposits, rare-metal granites with those typical for rare metal pegmatites. Changes in chemical composition between individual crystal zones and/or populations provide evidence of chemical evolution of the melt and variations in rock textures mirror changes in pT conditions of crystallisation. Equilibrium crystallisation was interrupted several times by opening of the system and the consequent adiabatic decrease of pressure and temperature resulted in episodes of non-equilibrium crystallisation. The Podlesí granites demonstrate in nature, that combination of models of adiabatic fluctuation of pressure (?swinging eutectic?), and boundary-layer crystallisation of undercooled melt is the most plausible approach for explanation of magmatic layering and UST in highly fractionated granitic rock.
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    ČGS (RIV)
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    15. 10. 2014