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    Final Meeting of the Project No 362 "Tethyan/Boreal Cretaceous Correlation" - Abstract Book (Variant.)
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    Berriasian to Albian dinocysts from the Silesian Unit in the Outer Western Carpathians (Czech Republic)
    Evidence of the Braarudosphaera-rich Turonian sediments in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    High-resolution magnetostratigraphy across the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary strata at Brodno near Žilina, Western Carpathians, Western Slovakia
    Integrated microbiostratigraphy in the Maastrichtian to Paleocene distal-flysch sediments of the Uzgruň section (Rača unit, Carpathian flysch, Czech Republic)
    Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous algal and foraminiferal benthic communities and biofacies from the Western Carpathians
    Magnetostratigraphic and calpionellid biostratigraphic scales correlation in the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary strata
    Magnetostratigraphic and petromagnetic studies of the Jurassic/Cretaceous limestones from the Río Argos (Caravaca, SE Spain), Carcabuey (S Spain) and the Bosso Valley (Umbria, central Italy)
    Microbiostratigraphy of the Jizera and Teplice Formations (Late Turonian, Boreal development) in the Úpohlavy quarry, Bohemian Cretaceous basin
    Mokrá Diera in the Javorová valley
    Petromagnetic and palaeomagnetic investigations of Jurassic-Cretaceous limestones aimed at magnetostratigraphy in the Mediterranean area
    Polomec Quarry
    Possible Boreal faunal immigration of the Lower Cretaceous ammonites into Outer Western Carpathians related to the global sea level changes
    Rochovica Section near Žilina
    Sedimentary and fossil record of Albian - Cenomanian estuary near Blansko and its comparism with transgressive Cenomanian sediments in central Bohemian (Czech Republic)
    Sedimentary and isotopic record of the Aptian anoxic "Selli" event in the Pieniny Klippen Belt, Slovakia