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    Global Boundary Events - An Interdisciplinary Conference (19930927-19930929 : Kielce, PL) (Variant.)
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    Facies against the global isotope control (C and O isotopes, Devonian reef margin, Moravia
    Field Trip 3 - Devonian boundary intervals of Bohemia and Moravia especially the Eifelian/Givetian and Frasnian/Fammenian events with respect to the Silurian/Devonian and Devonian/Carboniferous boundaries
    Life strategies during the extension and recovery at Eifelian-Givetian and Frasnian-Fammenian boundaries in Bohemia and Moravia
    Linograptid "interregnum" and its geochemical signature at the S/D boundary in the Bardo Mts. (Sudetes, SW Poland)