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    Groudwater pollution modeling within the Middle Turonian aquifer near Mimoň water supply area, Northern Bohemia
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    David Hradil, Zdeněk Pertold, Jiří Mls
    Hradil, David
    Mls, Jiří
    Pertold, Zdeněk
Zdrojový dokument - seriál
    Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Geologica
    Vol. 43, no. 1
    p. 551-563
    9 obr., 3 tab., 2 s.bibl.
    Zkr. název ser.: Acta Univ. Carol., Geol.
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    česká křídová pánev
    lužický faciální vývoj
    model hydrodynamický
    rudy U
    těžba loužením
    vlastnosti fyzikální
    voda kontaminovaná
    vodní zdroj
    zvodnělý kolektor
Geografické jméno
    Mimoň (Česká Lípa)
    Stráž pod Ralskem (Česká Lípa)
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   Commercial software called Mike SHE (advanced product of Danish Hydraulic Institute - DHI) is a deterministic fully 3-dimensional mathematical model of the water flow and solute transport in the porous media. We have decided to use this model to describe the future development of the Middle Turonian aquifer within the Stráž block unit. Model area was specified to cover nearly 60 km2. In the NE part of the model area there are the leaching fields of the uranium mining company. Numerous of drill holes indicate the increased concentrations of sulfate ions and dissolved solids in the water of the Middle Turonian aquifer in this region which seem to come from the acid chemical leaching zone within the underlying Cenomanian strata. The main purpose of the study was to estimate the risk of pollution of drinking water resources near the town of Mimoň. The bottom of the model was defined as the impervious surface of Lower Turonian.
   The Middle Turonian aquifer which is the only one included in the model was divided in two, lower and upper layers. A very thin layer of Quaternany was defined on the top of the profile within the area. The calibration period from 1990 to 1995 was chosen because there are measured data available for to compare them with modeling results. The saturated zone was calibrated by using the piezometric head in 1990 as the initial condition and after 6 years simulation the calculated and measured hydroisohypsies in 1995 were compared. The unsaturated zone was calibarted by changing the retention curves, the undersaturated hydraulic conductivity function and the thickness of the Quaternary layer. Finally, the average value for net infiltration was 140 mm/year during 1990-1995 but the real values very much in different years and seasons. The clean-up program for the Middle Turonian aquifer is proposed by the mining company for the period from 1997 to 2013.
   It is based on additional abstractions of polluted waters
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    29. 1. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012