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    Growth of complex sheeted zones during recycling of older magmatic units into younger: Sawmill Canyon area, Tuolumne batholith, Sierra Nevada, California
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    Vznik komplikovaných žilných zón
    Janoušek, Vojtěch
    Paterson, Scott
    Žák, Jiří
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    článek v periodiku
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    Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research
    Roč. 177, č. 2
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    magma mingling, magmatic layering, pluton, Tuolumne batholith, Sierra Nevada, stoping
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   studium magmatických struktur v sawmill canyon, Sierra Nevada
Abstrakt (anglicky)
   In Sawmill Canyon, located near the eastern margin of the Tuolumne batholith, central Sierra Nevada, California, a series of petrologically and structurally complex, magmatic sheeted zones intrude older granodioritic units (Kuna Crest and equigranular Half Dome) and in one case truncate these units along a sharp contact. These sheeted zones (a) consist of numerous batches of (now frozen) magma, (b) display clear outward growth directions, (c) were actively deforming during and after emplacement resulting in magmatic folds, faults and multiple magmatic mineral fabrics, and (d) are the location of numerous, but localized magma flow structures (schlieren-bounded tubes, troughs, megacryst-rich pipes) and instabilities (load casts, flame structures, slumps, diapirs, ridge and pillar structures).
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    ČGS (RIV)
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    15. 10. 2014