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    Huttonova sympozia ke granitovému problému
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    Marie Palivcová, Jarmila Waldhausrová, Vlasta Ledvinková
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    Hutton's symposia on the granite problem
    Ledvinková, Vlasta
    Palivcová, Marie
    Waldhausrová, Jarmila
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    Mineralia Slovaca
    Roč. 30, č. 5
    s. 395-412
    1 fot., 2 s.bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Miner. slov.
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   The contributions of two Hutton's symposia, the first and the third are reviewed and some of them commented. The significance of Hutton's symposia for the progress of the granite problem is appreciated, and an attempt is made to show the progress in the interval of almost ten last years between these two symposia.The publication of the abstracts od about 300 authors enables to see the increasing interest of the problem, the research orientation and new results. With regard to the three commonly accepted petrogenetic magmatic models of the granite, nothing essential changed during this interval. The views of two experts, those of Fyfe and Cobbing, seem to us to be a good characteristics of the present state of the problem. According to the first, it is surprising that, after forty years od geochemical studies, we ask the same questions as 100 years ago; according to the second, we largely progressed in principles, but on the ground, it is an other matter".
   Nevertheless, an essential difference may be shown between these two symposia: "official" models and commonly accepted views were subjected to much more unexpected, unprecedent critism which concerns just "the ground" of the problem. According to our view, the main progress was attained in the geology of the granite bodies, such as volcano-plutonic complexes (granites as roots of volcanoes), the research in the shapes of the bodies (ring complexes, sheeted, layered, stratified complexes), mechanism of emplacement and extension - compression problems (doubts about balloons and diapirs, preference of diking, doubts about magmatic chambers, usefullness of enclave research, basis of 1-S classification), close relation of granite and shear zones, the in situ processes, etc.
   From the compositional and crystallization aspects of the granite, the main progress concerns the effects of fluids and volatiles on the granite crystallization, on the trace element and isotope geochemistry, the revived is interest in the granite microtextures. We conclude that none of the recent magmatic models can answer the questions of geology neither geochemistry of the granites satisfactorily
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    28. 3. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012