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    Mining Geophysics Proceedings of the XXVII Czech-Polish-Slovak Symposium (Variant.)
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    Assessment of rock mechanical properties of superficial deposits in Upper Silesian Basin through a complex of drill technological and logging data
    Compression of earthquake records using wavelet transform
    Contribution to the deformation behaviour of rocks during rheological loading
    Detection of the origin time and seismic ground motion of quarry blasts
    The effect of mining activity on the occurrence of mining tremors in the safety shaft pillar of the Kladno-Mayrau coal mine
    Geological structure, seismic energy release and forecasting of rockburst occurrence
    Grid search hypocentral location method in simple 1-D media
    The influence of temporary mining interruption on induced seismicity
    Localization method of the seismic induced events at Příbram seismic network
    Seismic stations with GSM telemetry for registration of quarry blasts
    Seismometer SM3 as displacement sensor
    Type analysis mining induced tremors