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    Occult precipitation as an important contribution to the wet deposition in Bohemian Forest
    Eliáš, Václav
    Fottová, Daniela
    Šír, M.
    Tesař, M.
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    článek v periodiku
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    Silva Gabreta
    Roč. 2000, č. 4
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    collector, fog-water, deposition, enrichment factor
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   Six active and ten passive fog-water collectors were installed in mountainous parts and urban regions of the Czech Republic with different loads in order to evaluate site-to-site differences. Fog deposition rate is calculated using the Lovett'smathematical micrometeorological model. Estimated gross deposition of cloud water is about 9 % of the total annual precipitation in the mountainous regions. Samples of cloud water obtained from the both active and passive collectorswere analysed. The results from 1994?1999 obtained in the Bohemian Forest are presented here. A wide range of concentrations were encountered, most typically exceeding concentrations occurring in rain (so-called enrichment factor is ranging from 1 to19 in the Bohemian Forest). Estimated wet deposition for example for NH4+, NO3- and SO42- via fog and cloud droplets impaction and sedimentation represents 826, 1810 and 1900 kgkm-2year-1.
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    ČGS (RIV)
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    15. 10. 2014