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    Optical and scanning electron microscopy of concrete deteriorating minerals of these methods to crisis management.
    Gregerová, Miroslava
    Všianský, Dalibor
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    článek ve sborníku
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    11th Euroseminar on Microscopy Applied to Building Materials, Porto, 5-9. 6.2007 - CD ROM,
    Akce: 2007 ; Porto
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    Microscopy - geovisualisation - aggregate - degradation - crisis management
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   The deterioration of concrete represents one of the most serious problems of civil engineering worldwide. So called chemical deterioration consists of formation of carbonates and sulphates and aklali-aggregate reactions. All of these processes cause a loss of material strength. The authors especially focused on the microscopy research of sulphate attack. Samples from concrete slab of the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic were examined. Means of light and electron microscopy and microanalysis were used. The succession of degrading minerals formation was suggested. The long-time examination led to the comparicson between changing environmental conditions and assempages of secondary minerals.
    MU Brno, Přírodovědecká fakulta
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    MU, PřF
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    8. 8. 2012