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    Palaeoenvironmental Implications of Cultural Records from Glacial and Glacigenic Geological Contexts
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    Jiří Chlachula
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    Upper Pleistocene and Holocene Climatic Variations (Variant.)
    Chlachula, Jiří
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    Vol. 11
    p. 59-62
    2 fot., 8 bibl.
    Zkr. název ser.: Geolines (Praha)
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    lidské aktivity
    sedimentace glaciální
    změna klimatu
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   Early cultural records buried under or in glacial and glacigenic geological contexts may produce in view to their unique stratigraphic position, except for a primary culture-historical information, a new evidence on the past climatic evolution in respect to the configuration of single glacial advances in areas affected by Pleistocene glaciations. recently investigated palaeolithic sites in Alberta, Canada, sealed by thick (10+ m) surficial deposits derived under or close to the continental Laurentide ice-sheet or the Cordilleran valley glaciers during the last glacial stage have provided a definite evidence on the Late Pleistocene paleo-American occupation of the foothills and adjacent plains east of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, but also give new insights on the local geographical extent of the ice-masses during the last glacial maximum (OIS 2) in this part of North America.
   Geoarchaeological research approaches intergrating glacial geology and palaeolithic archaeology may significantly contribute not only to elucidation of the earliest human prehistory, particularly of the Pleistocene Beringia and other territories of the Northern Hemisphere, but also provide to a more reliable chronostratigraphic control on the spatial extent and timing of some regional glacial events. A cultural material recorded in its original geological context indicating an ice-free environment may serve as a significant source of proxy data on the past climates and climate change in the formerly glaciated areas
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    29. 1. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012