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    Petrologie včera, dnes a zítra
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    Ferry Fediuk
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    Petrology yesterday, today and tomorrow
    Fediuk, František, 1929-
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    Horniny ve vědách o Zemi
    s. 13-18
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   Sixty years of the existence of the Institute of Petrology at Charles University in Prague certainly represent a serious reason for some philosophic consideration of the past, present and future positions of the petrology in the framework of geological and other sciences. Has petrology the right to be taken for a really autonomous science? This fundamental question can be answered affirmatively. It has its specific object of interest, its own methodology and clearly stated aims of activities. Nevertheless, some slight problems arise in this connection. Rocks as the object of petrology, do not represent true species (as they are known from mineralogy, zoology, botany etc.) but types, boundaries among which are conventional only. Even a generally and fully accepted definition of the term rock does not exist.
   As far as the methodology, petrology got many sophisticated and effective instruments in last tens of years concentrated especially on the determination of chemical properties of rocks and rock-forming minerals. This situation led to "geochemization" of petrology and physical properties of rocks and their fabric have remained underestimated. No substance exists on the Earth which would be more widespread, in volume as well as in mass, than rocks. We walk on rocks, we use rocks for buildings, rocks form substratum for life-giving soil, without rocks we could not live. To understand such a prominent substance into the finest present details, it is a duty of petrologists. Their contribution to the solution of environmental problems will increase and their great experience with rocks will find more and more application also in non-rock material research and industry. The prospects of petrology, many of which we are not yet able even to formulate, are unlimited
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