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    Pokračují výzkumy českých geologů v Nikaragui
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    Petr Hradecký
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    The activity of Czech geologists in Nicaragua continues
    Hradecký, Petr
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    Přehled výsledků geologických prací na ochranu horninového prostředí v roce 1998
    s. 71-73
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   A project of geological studies on the vulnerability of Nicarague cities proceeded in 1998. Project is supported by the Czech government, within its Programme of foreign economic assistance, co-ordinated and guaranteed by the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic. Official partner in Nicaragua is INETER (Instituto Nicaragüense de Estudion Territoriales) in Managua. During second part of general project, the cities of Granada and Masaya including their surroundings were studied. This area is located in the reach of several volcanoes, among them the Masaya volcano is still active. This volcanic complex has been in frequent activity in past several ten thousands of years. Numerous loose tefra and ignimbrite beds can be encountered in the area, youngest one is not older than 1 000 years. Voluminous base-surge and pyroclastic flows deposits testify for highly explosive volcanic episodes which could be extremely dangerous in case of possible rejuvenation.
   Four great calderas were documented, all of them had produced mostly ignimbrite volcanic rocks in the Plio-Pleistocene until the Recent. Younger calderas are regressively diminishing in extent and pyroclastic cubatures with the time. Frequent shallow seismic events which can be felt in the area, can be explained by block subsidence in unstable calderas margins. A final reprot together with a 1:50 000 scale geological, hazard and geodynamical maps was presented to INETER in December 1998. Results are highly appreciated by General Director of INETER and Mayores of Granada, Masaya and other, smaller cities of the area. For their land-use projects, additional set about 20 exemplars is required and will be handed over in 1999. Next part of the Project is planned for 1999 and will be dedicated to the geological hazards of cities of Chinandega and Léon, affected by the Mitch hurricane in October 1998.
   A catastrophic mudflow which kills 2 000 people below the Casita volcano, will be also studied. In December 1998, the group of Czech geologists visited this devastated area
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