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    Proceedings of the Fifth European Paleobotanical and Palynological Conference, June 26-30.1998, Kraków (Variant.)
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    Biomarkers from the Taxodiaceous conifer Sphenolepis pecinovensis Kvaček and resin from Bohemian Cenomanian
    Characteristic sporomorphs of the Elaterates Province in the Cenomanian of Bohemia (Central Europe) - comparison with the Mid-Cretaceous of Egypt (northern East Africa)
    Correlation of Mid-Cretaceous plant microfossils from the Raritan Formation of the Atlantic Coastal Plain with the Peruc-Korycany Formation of the Blansko Graben
    Development of sedimentation, molluscs and palynospectra in the Lower Miocene of the south-western part of the Carpathian Foredeep in Moravia (Czech Republic)
    The Eocene and Early Oligocene floras of the Russian Plain and their relation to the palaeofloras of Central Europe
    Late Glacial and Holocene development of the vegetation in the Labe (Elbe) river flood-plain (Central Bohemia, Czech Republic)
    Review of the Late Miocene flora of Vegora, western Macedonia, Greece
    Two conifers (Taxodiaceae) of the Bohemian Cenomanian (Czech Republic, Central Europe)