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    Solárně-terestrické vlivy na klima
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    Václav Bucha, Ivanka Charvátová
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    Solar-terrestric influence on climate
    Bucha, Václav
    Charvátová, Ivanka
Zdrojový dokument - seriál
    Národní klimatický program České republiky
    Roč. 25
    s. 117
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    obr., tab., bibl.
    Zkr. název ser.: Nár. klimat. Program Čes. Republ.
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    globální změna
    pole magnetické
    srážky dešťové
    systém solární
    životní prostředí
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    Česká republika
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   This publication gives a review of solar-terrestrial (ST) investigations, of their content and level in the Czech Republic. Various approaches of individual authors to various ST-phenomena on various timescales are reviewed. This itself gives a picture about a span and demands on this topic. A dominant coupling was shown between the solar and geomagnetic activity and surface air temperature of the QBO-west and east phases respectively. The magnitude of typical regions of positive and negative deviations from the long-term temperature average was determined and the conditions under which such distribution of temperature fields occurs were found. The long-term trends in meteorological time series in central Europe and influences of extraterrestrial factors on these series were studied with the aim to find some regularities and to forecast warmer and colder or dryer and wetter periods.
   The changes in pressure and temperature distribution on the northern hemisphere in dependence on geomagnetic activity showed relatively high correlation coefficients. Long-term trends and periodicities in the Europian precipitation series were studied. It was shown that some periodic changes are significant; their impact in the observed precipitation series is, however, consoderably lower than the part of natural variations in temperature series. The prognostic value of the knowledge of semilunar variation in precipitations is, however, so far negligible
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    28. 3. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012