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    Stability problems in road and pipeline constructions and their mitigation - examples from Sakhalin and Azerbaijan
    Novotný, Jan
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    Geological Engineering Problems in Major Construction Projects
    Akce: 2009/09/09 ; Chengdu, China
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    Stability problems
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   The paper gives two examples of larger construction projects with typical stability problems. The first example is from Sakhalin Island at Russian Far East. It is connected with a construction of oil and gas pipelines through the mountainous terrain in Makarov region. The region has an active geotectonic history and is highly affected by uncontrolled erosion and extensive landslips. Basic principles of mitigation of landslide hazard are presented. The second example is from a motorway construction in Azerbaijan. This motorway leads from Baku to Russia through seismo-tectonically active area at the toe of Caucasian mountains in some places in deep cuts positioned at the toe of high slopes. This unsuitable routing near village Devechi, together with seismic activity, led to slope stability failure of slope affected by recent tectonic movements. Stability conditions and designed remedy measures are presented.
    UK Praha, Přírodovědecká fakulta
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    8. 8. 2012