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    Water, Air and Soil Pollution
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    Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxide Control on Sulfate and Phosphate in Sediment-Solution Systems
    Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxide Control on Sulfate and Phosphate in Sediment-Solution Systems
    Changes in Mercury Deposition in a Mining and Smelting Region as Recorded in Tree Rings
    Distribution and Pools of Mercury in Czech Forest Soils
    Does acidification policy follow research in northern Sweden? The case of natural acidity during 1990´s
    Factors affecting the content of heavy metals in bulk atmospheric precipitation, throughfall and stemflow in Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Fluxes of Heavy Metals from a Highly Polluted Watershed During Flood Events: A Case Study of the Litavka River, Czech Republic
    Historical Changes in Levels of Organic Pollutants in Sediment Cores from Brno Reservoir, Czech Republic
    Inorganic and organic sulfur profiles in nine Sphagnum peat bogs in the United States and Czechoslovakia
    Inorganic Pollutants in Wet Atmospheric Deposition and the Trajectories of Their Possible Transport
    Lead Isotopic and Metallic Pollution Record in Tree Rings from the Copperbelt Mining-Smelting Area, Zambia
    Long-Term Changes in the Bioaccumulation of As, Cd, Pb, and Hg in Macroinvertebrates from the Elbe River (Czech Republic)
    MAGIC modeling of long-term lake water and soil chemistry at Abborrtrasket, Northern Sweden
    Magnetic signature of industrial pollution of stream sediments and correlation with heavy metals: case study from South France
    Magnetic study of weakly contaminated forest soils
    Manganese biogeochemistry in a central Czech Republic catchment
    Manganese Biogeochemistry in a Central Czech Republic Catchment
    Manganese Biogeochemistry in a Central Czech Republic Catchment
    Mercury distribution and speciation in soils affected by historic mercury mining
    Mercury Distribution and Speciation in Soils Affected by Historic Mercury Mining
    Pollutant Concentrations in the Rime and Fog Water at the Milesovka Observatory
    Regional Contamination of Moravia (South-Eastern Czech Republic): Temporal Shift of Pb and Zn Loading in Fluvial Sediments
    Stability of Arsenic Species in Soils Contaminated Naturally and in an Anthropogenic Manner
    Sulfur metabolism in polluted Sphagnum peat bogs: a combined 34S-35S-210Pb study
    Trace metal budgets for forested catchments in Europe - Pb, Cd, Hg, Cu and Zn
    Trends in sulphur and nitrogen deposition fluxes in the GEOMON network, Czech Republic, between 1994 and 2000