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    Acta Montana - Rada B (Fuel, Carbon, Mineral Processing)
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    Carbon-Carbon Composite Bone Plates, Part 1 - Reinforcement
    Carbonyl groups in coals from Ostrava-Karviná Mining District
    CFRC testing during development of a novel process of its manufacture
    Chemical changes in mesophase pitch by heat treatment
    Chemical structure of maceral fractions of coal
    Co-pyrolysis of coal with organic wastes
    Co-pyrolysis of waste PVC with coal
    Coals from the Ostrava - Karviná Mining District /OKD/ and Preconditions of Their Application in Processes of Clean Coal Technology. Part 3. Processes of Carbonization, Liquefaction and Gasification
    Coliquefaction of waste plastics with coal
    Czech brown coals and lignites as basis for the preparation of sorbents
    Degradation process of coal pyrolysis products during moulding of castings from graphitizing alloys
    Determination of the Etheric Oxygen in Maceral Fractions of High Rank Coals
    Development of porous structure in the preparation of glassy carbon
    Dewatering of Coal Bed Using Tensides
    Ecologically acceptable utilisation of domestic coal resource
    The effect of the thermal treatment of the matrix on its mechanical properties with composites on the basis of glass fibres and siloxane matrix
    Establishing of Emission Factors of Carbon for the Coal of the Czech Republic
    The exploitation of glaze waste slurries
    Formation of pyrolytic carbon from coal carbonaceous additives in the process of the foundry mould exposure to heat
    Fracture properties of carbon-carbon composites
    Heat treatment of carbon fibers and its influence on mechanical properties of C-C composites
    Influence of Coal Properties on Coprocessing of Coal/Oil Mixtures
    Influence of heat-treatment conditions on flexural and electrical properties of phenolic-resin based glass-like carbon
    Kinetic of resite carbonization
    A kinetic study of reactions of coal with polypropylene and polystyrene
    Kinetics of Filter Cakes Dewatering
    Kinetics of resite carbonization
    Low pressure chemical vapour deposition of pyrolytic carbon
    Mechanical properties of sorbents from brown coal
    Microporous materials on the basis of carbonizates from phenolformaldehyde Resins
    The Microscopic Structure of Char and of Activated Char from Brown Coal
    Modelling the preparation conditons of glassy carbon
    On the determination of donor-acceptor ability of coaltar pitches
    Oxygen in the maceral groups of Czech bituminous coals
    Preparation of flexible graphite from Czech natural graphite
    Principles of the porous structure description of coals, carbonizates ond activates
    Probable modes of occurrence of chemical elements in coal
    Separace hnědého uhlí ve fluidní vrstvě
    Some aspects of fiber composites preparation and their transformation to C/C composites
    Structural characterization of the free carbon phase of silicon oxycarbides produced by polysiloxane pyrolysis
    Structure and mechanical properties of unidirectional carbon-carbon composites
    Sulfur forms in organic substance of coal maceral fractions
    Thermolysis of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites
    Toxic elements in sorbents from coal-waste polymers mixtures
    Transformation of polymethylphenylsiloxanes to siliconoxycarbide glasses
    X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of nitrogen and sulfur functionalities in organic substance of coal