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    Acta montana. Series A, Geodynamics
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    10 years monitoring of Sněžník Massif - changes in Czech part of the network
    Accessory minerals of titanite group and their influence on the tin content in the rocks in the Bohemian Massif
    Active ultrasound in geological research in Kladno
    Analogy in stability evaluation of high rock-cutting slopes
    Analyses of Acoustic Emission and Underground Tremor Time Series from Rockburst Hazardous Areas of Ostrava-Karviná Mines
    Analysis of macroseismic fields of East Alpine earthquakes on the territory of the Czech Republic
    Analysis of Movements in Brittle Shear Zones
    Analysis of seismicity of Western Bohemian earthquake swarm areas
    Analysis of the seismoacoustic emission during the coal extraction
    Approaches to the energy classification of mining-induced seismic events in the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Basin
    Assesment of surface deformation due to undermining
    Assessment of maximum earthquake intensities and design response spectra for localities in Czech Republic
    Assessment of rock mechanical properties of superficial deposits in Upper Silesian Basin through a complex of drill technological and logging data
    Bank deformations on some water reservoir in Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia
    The calculation of hydraulic conductivity of sands according to their granularity
    Cenozoic alkaline volcanic series in Western Ohře (Eger) rift: age relations and geochemical constraints
    Chemostratigraphic determination of equivalent strata and formations in Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    Classification and origin of orthogneisses in the area of the Okrouhlá Radouň uranium deposit
    Clay minerals in a loess profile at Dolní Věstonice
    Comments on the origin of translatory landslides in the Maritsa-Iztok basin, Bulgaria
    Comparison of methods of mathematical modelling of the wave field in shallow seismics
    Comparison of the elastic properties of the Kola superdeep borehole core samples and their surface analogues obtained by static and dynamic measurements
    Compression of earthquake records using wavelet transform
    Computation of ray amplitudes in radially inhomogeneous media with sloping Earth surface
    Contamination of bottom sediments in the Nechranice water reservoir, Czech Republic
    A contribution to discussion on lower limitation of energy-frequency distribution
    Contribution to the deformation behaviour of rocks during rheological loading
    Convergence measurement on the mine Mayrau
    Deformation measurements of carboniferous sandstones from the coal mine Kladno II
    Deformational characteristics and acoustic emission in loaded magnesite samples
    Detailed evaluation of deformation behaviour on the bottom of the open-pit mine Jiří
    Detection of the origin time and seismic ground motion of quarry blasts
    Determination of physical and mechanical properties of sedimentary rocks of carboniferous age
    Differences between earthquakes and explosion sources in North Western Bohemia
    Digital seismic station Klokočov in North Moravia
    Dimension of underground macroseismic effect areas caused by rockbursts in Ostrava-Karviná coal basin
    Disjunctive structures within the shaft pillar - Kladno mine No. 2
    Displaying 3-D objects in seismology using PEX library
    The effect of mining activity on the occurrence of mining tremors in the safety shaft pillar of the Kladno-Mayrau coal mine
    Energy of Seismic Waves Radiated by Finite Circular Source - Numerical Approach
    Engineering geodynamics: a theme of recent Bulgarian-Czechoslovak cooperation (Introductory Note)
    Evolution of the Czech parts of the Smrčiny/Fichtelgebirge granite pluton
    Experience in modelling a particular hydrogeological problem on a three-dimensional physical model
    Experimental study of failure history in jointed rock mass
    Focal mechanism and source parameters of the rockbursts in Upper Silesian Coal Basin
    Focal zones of rockbursts within the shaft pillar of mine Kladno-2
    Geochemical comparison between topaz-bearing granites of the Central and Western Krušné Hory Mts.
    Geochemical constraints of origin and evolution of migmatites in the central part of the Moldanubian Zone (Temelín area), Bohemian Massif
    Geochemical constraints on the origin of a distinct type of two-mica granites (Deštná-Lásenice type) in the Moldanubian batholith (Czech Republic)
    Geodynamic GPS network "Karkonosze" - preliminary results of the Campaign 2001
    Geodynamic network Karkonosze results of the 2001 and 2002 Campaigns
    Geodynamic research concerning recent movements in the Karkonosze Mts. and Karkonosze foreland
    Geodynamics of the Králický Sněžník Mts.
    Geological conditions in the Vinařice allotment of the Kladno coal mine
    Geological structure, seismic energy release and forecasting of rockburst occurrence
    Geomorphology of the Amazon source area in the Cordillera Chila
    The GPS geodynamic network East Sudeten. Five Annual Campaigns (1997 - 2001), Data Processing and Results
    Gravimetric investigations in the West Bohemia seismoactive zone - initial stage
    Grid search hypocentral location method in simple 1-D media
    Heuristic Model of Multimodal Energy Frequency Distribution in Multistratified Environment in Primarily Strain-Homogenous Areas
    Hulsite, szaibelyite and fluoborite from borate skarn of Zlatý Kopec tin deposit, NW Bohemia, Czech Republic
    IERS and its importance for global geodynamics
    Induced seismicity by open pit mining in northwest Bohemia
    Influence of some WEBNET stations on location of earthquakes in West Bohemian subregions Nový Kostel and Lazy
    The influence of temporary mining interruption on induced seismicity
    Interaction between Alpine and Variscan orogeny on the basis of study digital elevation models - Moravosilesian area
    Interpretation of rockbursts recorded by the local seismic station Kladno-Vinařice during the year 1993
    Interpretation of rockbursts recorded by the local seismic station Kladno-Vinařice during the year 1994
    Interpretation of the dispersion curves of short-period Rayleigh waves observed in the West Carpathians
    Investigation of ground velocities during the rockbursts
    Investigation of induced seismic phenomena in the bituminous coal Kladno district
    Localization method of the seismic induced events at Příbram seismic network
    Mineral water springs and the seismic activity within the Western Bohemian area
    Mineralogy of the skarns of the Bohemian part of the Western and Central Krušné hory Mountains
    Mining and geologic circumstances in the Mayrau mine
    Mining tremor activity in the area of the mine Kladno II-Mayrau after ending of mining
    Modification of the Lennartz apparatus for the seismic array in West Bohemia
    The monitoring of seismic events in the East Sudety Mts. in period 2000-2001
    Monitoring of tilts and microtremors for detection of slope failure in the forefield of an open pit mine
    Monitoring temporal gravity changes in different geological conditions
    Natural and induced seismicity of the Northwest Bohemia Brown-Coal District and the adjacent Ore Mountains
    New computing method of wind wave parameters
    New permanent GPS observatories Sněžka (SNEZ) and Biskupská kupa (BISK)
    A note on investigation of the seismic waves attenuation
    Note to remote control of GPS observatory using GSM modem
    The Nový Kostel earthquake swarm 2000 : Krasnet measurements
    Occurrences of gold, copper, vanadium and silver minerals in volcanic rocks of the Permo-Carboniferous Basin in the Krkonoše Mts. piedmont area
    On some anomalies of VP/VS ratio of West Bohemian swarm 2000 : preliminary results
    On the use permanent GPS stations in geodynamics
    Paleogeographical evolution of Central Andes
    Petrogenesis of aplites of the Bor pluton
    Petrogenesis of granitoids in the Blatná area
    Petrographical and geochemical constraints of porphyritic two-mica granite from a northeastern margin of the Klenov massif
    Petrology and mineralogy of the neolithic and aeneolithic artefacts in Czech Republic
    Petrology of anatectic granites of the Strážek part of the Moldanubian Zone
    PEX image of Western Bohemia a priori seismic model
    Picking the P- and S-onsets and azimuth angles of rockburst events
    Polarization diagrams of rockbursts from the Ostrava-Karviná District
    Position analysis of rock bursts in the area of the Mayrau Mine shaft pillar
    Possibilities of geophysical methods for mapping zones with an increased risk of slope deformations
    Prediction methods based on multichannel statistical extrapolation and their application on induced seismic events
    Prediction of surface motions during the exploration of the shaft pillar in the coal mine Mayrau
    A preliminary proposal of a layout of seismic stations in the ČSM mine, Czech Republic
    Present dynamics of a landslide process in the Black Sea coast region N of Varna (Bulgaria)
    Probabilistic earthquake hazard assessment for locality Praha
    Recent crustal mobility of the Upper Nysa Klodzka Graben, SW Poland
    Recent geodetic activities of Brno University of Technology in Sudety Mts. region
    Recent geodynamics of the Sudety Mts. and adjacent areas
    Recent tectonic activity in the area northwards of Šternberk (Nízký Jeseník Mts.) - present knowledge
    Reflection ray tracing in lignite seam model
    Regional Earthquake Catalogue and Focal Regions in Central Europe
    Regional geodynamic network "West Sudeten" a westward wide-ranging extension of present "East Sudeten" network
    Registration of microdisplacements at a Cordillera Blanca fault scarp
    Reinterpretation of the travel times of P waves generated by quarry blasts in Western Bohemia
    Rendering of 3D seismic model
    Results of the geodynamic investigations in the Stołowe Mts. research area
    Review on current research of the Pleistocene glaciation in the Krkonoše Mountains
    Seisbase - principles of a program and database for routine analysis of data from local seismic networks, version 4.7
    Seismic activity development before stress conditioned strong seismic events in Jelšava mine
    Seismic event location in the vicinity of the underground gas storage Háje-Příbram
    Seismic measurements along short profiles in western Bohemia during the Celebration 2000 experiment
    Seismic monitoring at the Jelšava deposit
    Seismic risk by open-pit mining near slopes of Krušné hory Mts.
    Seismic source model from West Bohemia seismograms inversion : the method and preliminary results for ML=2.0, Jan 17 1997 event
    Seismic stations with GSM telemetry for registration of quarry blasts
    Seismicity monitoring at the Lubenik deposit
    Seismicity of the East Sudeten as recorded by solitary triggered stations of UGN
    Seismology monitoring
    Seismometer SM3 as displacement sensor
    Sekaninaite and fingerprint hercynite in South Bohemian granulites
    Simulation of aftershock series from rock samples
    Slope instability at Machu Picchu: ideas and questions
    Some man-made sources of the seismic noise
    Some results of horizontal stress measurements by hydrofracturing method in underground mines of Karviná part of "OKR" coalfield
    Space and time development of the focal zone in the neighbourhood of underground workings
    Spectral investigation of the mining induced seismic events in the Lazy Mine
    Statistical analysis of seismic events induced by the underground mining
    Structure elements of Rocks and energy-frequency distribution of seismic phenomena
    Tectonic setting and newly organised monitoring of recent tectonic deformation in the Rychlebské Hory Mts.
    The testing of input data for the determination of rockburst focal mechanisms
    Time variations of absorption
    To geodynamic interpretations of GPS data monitored on the East Sudeten network
    The Upper Morava and Nysa Pull-Apart Grabens - the evidence of neotectonic dextral transtension on the Sudetic Faults System
    Utilization of conductive YOKOHAMA RUBBER for construction of pressure transducers
    Analogy in stability evaluation of high rock-cutting slopes
    Analysis of the seismoacoustic emission during the coal extraction
    Assessment of maximum earthquake intensities and design response spectra for localities in Czech Republic
    Bank deformations on some water reservoir in Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia
    Comments on the origin of translatory landslides in the Maritsa-Iztok basin, Bulgaria
    Deformational characteristics and acoustic emission in loaded magnesite samples
    Differences between earthquakes and explosion sources in North Western Bohemia
    Digital seismic station Klokočov in North Moravia
    Engineering geodynamics: a theme of recent Bulgarian-Czechoslovak cooperation (Introductory Note)
    Experimental modelling methods of stress analysis for determination of underground structure stability
    Geodynamic Evolution of Water Reservoir Banks
    Hydrogeological and Geotechnical Changes in Sokolov Basin Caused by Coal Mining
    Mineral bond of cadmium in products originated by spontaneous burning of coal-bearing rocks (mine dumps of the Kateřina mine, Radvanice near Trutnov, Czech Republic)
    Mineralogy and petrography of the kinzigites from Lhenice and Ktiš in the South Bohemia (Czech Republic)
    Model and Field Studies into the dynamics of Block Slope Structure Formation
    Petrogenesis of granitoids of the Červená type (Central Bohemian Plutonics Complex)
    Petrogenesis of the Variscan Granites in the Western Part of Bohemian Massif
    Quartz-chalcedony veins and its young deformation
    Radioelement Distribution and Heat Production of Two-Mica Monzogranites from the Moldanubian Batholith of the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic)
    Tertiary Phonolite Laccolith of Mariánská Hora Hill, N. Bohemia: Geological, Petrological and Mineralogical Characteristics
    Ti-rich granodiorite porphyries from the northeastern margin of the Klenov massif (Moldanubian Zone of the Bohemian Massif)
    Type analysis mining induced tremors
    Unusual occurrence of kolbeckite ScPO4.2H2O in karst sediments of Bohemian Karst (the Čertovy schody quarry, Koněprusy area)
    Vertical movements at the territory of Krkonoše-Jeseníky Mts. First estimation
    Water table fluctuations in the West Bohemian earthquake region
    Zeolite-bearing trachyandesite from Dobranka, České středohoří Mts. : petrography, geochemistry and amygdale mineralogy