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    Acoustic absorption of geopolymer/sand mixture
    Carbon - Carbon Composite With Coal Tar Pitch Based Matrixand Simplified Manufacturing Method
    Carbonization of coal-tar pitch dehydrogenated by sulphur
    Cathodic behavior of molybdenum electrode in various glass melts
    Comparison of mechanical properties and structural changes of continous basalt and glass fibres at elevated temperatures
    A composite based on glass fibers and siloxane matrix as a bone replacement
    Design for a filler of an intervertebral cage for spine treatment on the basis of fibers and particulate composites
    Effect of aging PET fibre on the mechanical properties of PET fibre reinforced cement composite
    Effect of nano/micro particles of calcium phosphates on the mechanical properties of composites based on polysiloxane matrix reinforced by polyamide
    The effect of the storage time of the matrix precursor on the mechanical properties of the fiber composite
    Fe2O3-Cr2O3 system revised
    The fining performance under the influence of physico-chemical parameters
    Glass melting phenomena, their ordering and melting space utilisation
    Identification of Phase Composition of Binders from Alkali-Activated Mixtures of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Fly Ash
    The influence of a short-term tissue culture medium storage on the mechanical properties of composites based on glass fibers and polysiloxane
    Influence of matrix densification upon structure and elastic properties of carbon-carbon composite shells
    Natural corrosion of old potash glass coloured with uranium compounds
    Porous microstructure of the interfacial transition zone in geopolymer composites
    Preparation of leucite-based composites
    Reaction products and corrosion of molybdenum electrode in glass melt containing antimony oxides and sodium sulfate
    Relation between Mechanical Properties and Pyrolysis Temperature of Phenol Formaldehyde Resin for Gas Separation Membranes
    The semiempirical model of the multicomponent bubble behaviour in glass melts