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    Czech Mycology
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    The correct author citation of the recently published name Pluteus fenzlii
    First records of Callistosporium pinicola in the Czech Republic and new findings on its ecology
    Fructification of Langermannia gigantea in artificially inoculated field soil
    A new species of Stigmidium (Mycosphaerellaceae, Ascomycetes) from western North America
    A revision of selected material of lignicolous Lachnum species from the Czech Republic with a note on graminicolous material of the Lachnum pygmaeum complex
    Unusual occurrence of Phellinus nigrolimitatus in man-influenced habitats at low altitudes in the České Švýcarsko National Park, Czech Republic
    The wood-rotting bluing Psilocybe species in Central Europe - an identification key