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    Environmental Science and Technology
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    200 Years of Pb Deposition throughout the Czech Republic: Patterns and Sources
    Characterization of solid emissions from atmospheric fluidized-bed combustion of two Czech lignite
    Environmental Applications of Chemically Pure Natural Ferrihydrite
    Experimental in Situ Transformation of Pb Smelter Fly Ash in Acidic Soils
    Magnetic response of soils and vegetation to heavy metal pollution - a case study
    Organic Solutes and the Recovery of a Bog Stream from Chronic Acidification
    Origin of Lead in Eight Central European Peat Bogs Determined from Isotope Rations, Strengths, and Operation Times of Regional Pollution Sources
    Processes affecting oxygen isotope ratios of atmospheric and ecosystem sulfate in two contrasting forest catchments in Central Europe
    Temporal trends in the isotope signature of air-borne sulfur in Central Europe