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    International Journal of Exploration Geophysics, Remote Sensing and Environment
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    Diagenesis, magnetic overprint and tectonics near Mokrá
    Distances between the Early/Middle Devonian Gondwana and Laurussia: Faunal and Spore Dispersals as Compared with Paleomagnetic Data on Paleolatitudes
    Geodynamic Investigations of the Contact Zone between the Bohemian Massif and the West Carpathians. A case Study of an Interactive Mobility of the Epivariscan Basements and the Revuca Tectonic Fault System (the West Carpathians)
    GPS Network "SUDETEN" and Preliminary Results of Two Campaigns 1997 and 1998
    Gravimetric investigation of slope deformations
    Maps of Seismic Zones in Recent Czech National Codes
    Monitoring of Seismic activity in Northern Moravia by means of the Seismic polygon Frenštát
    Quantitative Seismotectonic Analysis of the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
    The role of relative observations in multisegment geodynamic research system in Sudeten
    Seismological analysis demonstration of strong rockburst
    Seismological monitoring in Ostrava area