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    Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids
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    Cobalt-containing silicon oxycarbide glasses derived from poly[methyl(phenyl)]siloxane and cobalt phthalate
    A comparison of natural and experimental long-term corrosion of uranium-colored glass
    Influence of composition and preparation conditions on some physical properties of TeO2-Sb2O3-PbCl2 glasses
    Investigation of electrical and optical properties of Ge-Ga-As-S glasses doped with rare-earth ions
    Mathematical modelling of sand dissolution in a glass melting channel with controlled glass flow
    Natural corrosion of the uranium-colored historical glasses
    Numerical study of glass fining in a pot melting space with different melt-flow patterns
    Structure of silicon oxycarbide glasses derived from poly(methylsiloxane) and poly[methyl(phenyl)siloxane] precursors