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    Journal of the Geological Society London
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    Alpine burial and heterogeneous exhumation of Variscan crust in the West Carpathians: insight from thermodynamic and argon diffusion modelling
    Clockwise rotation of the Eastern European Variscides accommodated by dextral lithospheric wrenching: paleomagnetic and structural evidence.
    Contrasting Early Carboniferous field geotherms - evidence for accretion of a thickened orogenic root and subducted Saxothuringian crust (Central European Variscides)
    Dating the onset of Variscan crustal exhumation in the core of the Bohemian Massif: new U-Pb single zircon ages from the high-K calc-alkaline granodiorites of the Blatná suite, Central Bohemian Plutonic Complex
    Neoproterozoic igneous complex emplaced along major tectonic boundary in the Kaoko Belt (NW Namibia) - ion probe and LA-ICPMS dating of magmatic and metamorphic zircons
    Structural position of high-pressure felsic to intermediate granulites from NE Moldanubian zone (Bohemian Massif)
    Tectonic evolution of the European Variscan belt constrained by palaeomagnetic, structural and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility data from the Northern Vosges magmatic arc (eastern France)
    Vestige of an Early Cambrian incipient oceanic crust incorporated in the Variscan orogen: Letovice Complex, Bohemian Massif