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    Moravian Geographical Reports
    Ústav geoniky AV ČR, v. v. i.
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    10 years of the Brno Branch of Institute of Geonics at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
    The 90th birthday anniversary of dr. Jaroslav Linhart
    The 20th anniversary of the Institute of Geonics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Ostrava
    The 25th anniversary of the Institute of Geonics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
    Antonín Ivan (60)
    Assessment of Landscape Changes: Theoretical Starting Points for Study and the Research Reality
    Assessment of wind turbines impact on landscape character and landscape planning
    Biogeographical and geobiocoenological aspects of deep coal mining and its impacts on nature and landscape in the Ostrava region
    Biogeographical relationship between landscapes pattern, chosen local abiotic factors and vegetation in forest edges
    Block accumulations in the western part of the Podyjí National Park (Czech Republic) : preliminary analysis of their distributions
    Border Administrative Units in the Czech Republic
    The catastrophic flood in February/March 1784 - a natural disaster of European scope
    Changes in the longitudinal and transversal sections of the loess cover at Modřice near Brno
    Coarse bed sediments in a headwater channel as indicators of fluvial processes and slope-channel coupling: A case study from the Carpathian Mountains (Czech Republic)
    Comparison of glacial relief landforms and the factors which determine glaciation in the surroundings of Černé Jezero lake and Čertovo Jezero lake (Šumava Mts., Czech Republic)
    A computer interpolation of the Pre-Quaternary surface
    Continuous soil lost modelling in the Haraska watershed (SE Moravia) - an application of 4D digital landscape model
    Contribution to the methodology of climatic regionalization of the Czech Republic
    A curse of coal? Exploring unintended regional consequences of coal energy in the Czech Republic
    Cycle Transport in Cities - Best Practices versus Brno
    Czech-Italian Geomorphological and Geological Workshop in 1998
    Czech Republic - August 2002 : another flood disaster of century after five years
    Dendrochronological records of the floodplain morphology transformation of Desná River Valley in the last 150 years, the Hrubý Jeseník Mts. (Czech Republic)
    Destructional landforms arised from extreme events in the Desná River valley and their vegetation
    Disastrous floods in Central Europe at the end of July 1897 and the lessons learnt
    Disastrous floods in Central Europe at the end of July 1897 and the lessons learnt
    Doc. Dr. Jaromír Karásek, CSc. (60)
    Doc. Ing. Petr Martinec, CSc. (60)
    Downsizing of deep coal mining in the Ostrava-Karviná coalfield, the draining of mine and waste waters, and water quality in watercourses
    Dr. Jan Munzar (60)
    Dynamics of pedogenetic processes exampled in the Haraska River drainage area (SE Moravia)
    The effects of coal mining on the landscape of the Ostrava region
    Environmental factors influenting species composition of acidophilous grasslands patches in agricultural landscape
    Environmental history of Central Europe in the first half of the 18th century (according to the so called Wroclaw collection)
    Extreme droughts in central Europe in the preinstrumental period
    The flood in August 1880 - one of the most severe natural disasters of the 19th century in the Ostrava region (Czech Republic)
    Floods in central Europe after the exceedingly severe winter season 1829/1830
    The Footfall of Shopping Centres in Olomouc (Czech Republic): An Application of the Gravity Model
    Geoecological imprints of slope deformations on habitats - case studies from the Western Carpathians (Czech Republic)
    Geomorphological and stratigraphic problems of loess series in Modřice near Brno (s. Moravia) : dedicated to the memory of Prof. Dr. Ing. Josef Pelíšek, DrSc. (1909-1993), soil scientist and one of founders of the New Age Czech Quaternary Geology
    Geomorphological aspects of late Saxonian epiplatform orogeny of the Bohemian Massif. Part 1
    Geomorphological aspects of the late Saxonian epiplatform orogeny of the Bohemian Massif. Part 2
    The geomorphological map of Brno surroundings
    Geomorphological research in 2002 - International Seminar in Brno (Czech Republic)
    The geomorphological transformation of the Hodslavický Javorník brachysyncline (the Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mts., Czech Republic)
    Geomorphology of the Hodonín town surroundings
    Geomorphology of the Mt. Smrk area in the Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mts. (Czech Republic)
    Geomorphology of the Podyjí National Park in the southeastern part of the Bohemian Massif (South Moravia)
    The granite landscape of the Krumlovský les Forest, south Moravia an example of a variety of structural controls
    Historical floods in Bohemia and Moravia on the example of the year 1598
    Historical pathways in geographic and archaeological studies
    Hydrological regime of some springs in the Upper Oder River Basin
    Hydrological regime of the riparian landscape of the Morava river in the light of the past and recent changes
    Identification of floodplain elements suitable for use in integrated flood protection using hydromorphological mapping. Case study: upper Opava River basin (Czech Republic)
    Impacts of the operation of wind turbines as perceived by residents in concerned areas
    Importance of geomorphology in the research of natural hazards and risks
    The influence of river network arrangement on values of geotectonic indices (on the example of the Oslava river)
    The influence of river network arrangement on values of geotectonic indices (on the example of the Oslava River basin)
    Institutional fragmentation as an impediment to sustainable land-use in the Morava River floodplain
    International conference "State of Geomorphological Research in the Year 2008"
    Landscape character assessment (case study of the Hustopeče cadastral area, South Moravia, Czech Republic)
    Landscape, settlement and floods in the Hanušovice/Jindřichovice model region (Northern Moravia)
    Landscapes of lost energy: counterfactual geographical imaginary for a more sustainable society
    Late Holocene evolution of landslides in the frontal part of the Magura nappe: Hlavatá Ridge, Moravian-Silesian Beskids (Czech Republic)
    Location Matters! Exploring Brownfields regeneration in a Spatial Context (Case Study of the South Moravian Region, Czech Republic)
    Maps of natural landscape types and land use in the Czech Republic : (at the scale of 1:500.000) : as a basic contribution to functional maps of Landscape Use in Central Europe
    A Model for the Identification of Areas Favourable for the Development of Tourism: A Case Study of the Šumava Mts. and South Bohemia Tourist Regions (Czech Republic)
    Mojmír Hrádek (60)
    Morphotectonics of SE margin of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, two half-grabens and their surroundings north of Brno (Moravia)
    The morphotectonics of the eastern marginal slope of the Ropice-range (The Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mts.)
    Mt. Králický Sněžník (Czech Republic): landforms and problem of Pleistocene glaciation
    Negative influences of coal extraction in the mining areas of the Karviná region
    New findings on the geomorphology of Moravia
    New Trends and Challenges for Energy Geographies: Introduction to the Special Issue
    Periglacial features in the Krumgampen Valley, Ötztal Alp, Austria
    Present land use changes in the Czech cultural landscape: driving forces and environmental consequences
    Professor Jaromír Demek (65)
    Professor Jaromír Demek (70)
    Professor Miroslav Havrlant (70)
    Professor Miroslav Havrlant (75)
    The role of geomorphology in the landscape-ecological research
    Selected aspects of raw materials extraction in the Czech Republic in 1990-2006, impacts of economic transformation and environmental consequences
    Seminar over the project "Influence of underground mining damp-down on processes in lithosphere and environment"
    Slope deformations and their significance for relief development in the middle part of the Outer Western Carpathians
    Slope deformations and their significance for relief development in the middle part of the Outer Western Carpathians in Moravia
    Slope failures in metamorphic basement rocks of the Dyje River valley, Podyjí National Park, Czech Republic
    Slope movements in the Flysch Carpathians of eastern Moravia (Vsetín district), triggered by extreme rainfalls in 1997
    Some aspects of the biotic potential of the Ostrava region
    The stability relations of supporting systems of bridges and tunnels in stress fields of gravitational loosening zones (on the example of the Ivančice viaduct, south Moravia)
    Summer floods in central Europe in 1813 - an analogy to floods of 1997
    To research of pseudokarst : (5th Pseudokarst Symposium with International participation)
    To the geomorphology and geology of the Northern Apenines
    To the Geomorphology and Geology of the Northern Apennines
    Topography of the Marginal Sudetic Fault in the Rychlebské hory (Mts.) and geomorphological aspects of epiplatform orogenesis in the NE part of the Bohemian Massif
    Two important geomorphological conferences in Europe in 1996-1997
    Typological data in the process of landscape potential identification with using GIS
    Underground coal mining in the Karviná region and its impact on the human environment (Czech Republic)
    Underground coal mining in the Karviná region and its impact on the human environment (Czech Republic)
    Water erosion in the watershed of the Upper Ostravice River from 1976 to 2000